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Ultimate solution to Top 10 oral problems, especially gingiva bleeding, periodontal problem, dentine hypersensitivity, dental calculus and dental plaque. The unique 9.5 formulation performs medical-grade bacteria-dissolving power. Early prolonged use of it effectively solves various oral problems.

EC dental Biological Antibacterial Toothpaste 9.5

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HK$88.00 Regular Price
HK$59.00Sale Price
  • • Biological lysozyme is naturally originated from human body and hence it can be naturally degradable in human body without any adverse effect.

    • Clinically proven to effectively dissolve over 400 kinds of oral bacteria with over 90% inhibition rate, solving oral problems caused by bacteria.
    • No fluoride, Triclosan and non-medicine. Safe for pregnant women and children.
    • 2-3 times daily or use when needed.


    【1】Put a 2cm amount toothpaste on the toothbrush

    【2】Dry brush for 2-3 minutes with massaging gingiva and teeth

    【3】Rinse for 1-2 minutes and spit out after use, for optimized bacteria-dissolving power and oral protection


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