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Biological Antibacterial



Biological Lysozyme – Lysis Mechanism of the bacteria

The lysozyme factor penetrates the cell wall of the pathogenic bacteria.

Dissolve the peptide polysaccharides of the bacterial cell walls, resulting in the phenomenon of dissolved bacteria

Dental plaque and oral bacteria are dissolved by lysozyme.

Repair the damaged dental tissues.

ECdental Extra-dense Filament Grid Toothbrush (Spongy Soft)

icon 1.png

Compact Filament Grid with 10X Density

icon 2.png

An Extra-Dense Grid of Superfine Filaments (Spongy Soft)

icon 3.png

Ergonomic Non-slip Handle

icon 4.png

Best with ECdental Biological Antibacterial Toothpaste

ECdental Double-dense Silky Filament Toothbrush (Soft)

icon 5.png

High-Density Silky Filaments for gentle and effective cleaning

icon 6.png

Double Density

icon 7.png

Ergonomic Non-slip Handle

icon 8.png

Best with ECdental Biological Antibacterial Toothpaste

ECdental Kids ABC Toothbrush

icon 9.png

Round-ended extra soft Nylon bristles, designed for gentle yet effective cleaning and stains removal.

icon 10.png

Small oval head for easy access.

icon 11.png

Ergonomic Non-slip Handle

icon 12.png

Built in suction cup.

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