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Specialized for kid teeth, the Kids Toothpaste provides ultimate protection of deciduous teeth and permanent teeth. Daily use of the toothpaste effectively dissolves the oral bacteria on the tooth surface and gap between teeth. It also helps fortify the tender teeth. Non-medicine and safe for children.

EC dental Kids Biological Antibacterial Toothpaste

HK$48.00 Regular Price
HK$36.00Sale Price
  • • Biological lysozyme is naturally originated from human body and hence it can be naturally degradable in human body without any adverse effect.

    • Clinically proven to effectively dissolve over 400 kinds of oral bacteria with over 90% inhibition rate, solving oral problems caused by bacteria.

    • No fluoride, Triclosan and non-medicine. Safe for pregnant women and children.

    • 2-3 times daily or use when needed.



    【1】Put a 1cm amount toothpaste on the toothbrush

    【2】Dry brush for 1-2 minutes with massaging gingiva and teeth

    【3】Rinse for 1 minutes and spit out after use, for optimized bacteria-dissolving power and oral protection



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